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AREECA successfully reintroduced indigenous tree species in Nyagatare

By RWARRI at 5/9/2024
AREECA indigenous species in Nyagatare

Community members in the Nyagatare district praise the AREECA project for successfully reintroducing indigenous tree species to their land. For Uzabakiriho Jean Nepomuscene from Rukundo II Village, Kabeza cell in Rwimiyaga sector, Nyagatare district, there are indigenous tree species that were disappearing from their farmlands and which are now being restored. “We were about to forget species like Ficus tonninghii, Erythrina abysinica and Acacia polyacantha. He thanked the AREECA project for reintroducing these tree species on our lands, especially our pasturelands”.

Indeed, Muberi Eugene, the forests extensionist of the Rwimiyaga sector, highlighted the benefits of indigenous tree species, including building climate resilience, being a haven for biodiversity, being a source of food for animals, medicines, and various wood products, restoring soil health, providing oxygen to breathe, reducing air pollution, and reducing theeffects of flooding.

When visiting AREECA sites, there are achievements to notice, mainly seeing these indigenous tree species rebirthing the former nature of the landscape of Nyagatare district.