Our Projects

What RWARRI is currently working on, and what we have implemented in the past

Outgoing Projects


With the support from TerraFund, RWARRI is implementing a project named “Empowering Rutsiro and Rubavu Communities through Lake Kivu catchment Forest Restoration – IGITI NI UKUBAHO Project”, aiming to restore 214,200 forest and agroforestry trees around farmlands, riverside, and anti–erosive structure. It will be implemented within the catchment of Rubavu and Rutsiro districts. Rubavu district comprises the sectors of Rubavu, Rugerero, Gisenyi and Nyamyumba, whereas Rutsiro district involves the sectors of Kivumu, Mushonyi and Kigeyo.

Alliance for Restoration of Forest Landscapes and Ecosystems - AREECA

The Alliance for Restoration of Forest Landscapes and Ecosystems in Africa (AREECA project) got funds from the International Climate Initiative (IKI) of the German Ministry of the Environment.

Gender Climate Change and Agriculture Support Programme (GCCASP)

The project aims to support a hundred (100) smallholder women farmers, gathered into two women-dominated cooperatives, build resilience and cope with and adapt to climate change in the Sake sector, Ngoma district in Western province. The project is scheduled to run from April to September 2021.

Embedding Integrated Water Resources Management in Rwanda –EWMR

5/1/2019 6/1/2022

The “Embedding Integrated Water Resources Management in Rwanda –EWMR project” is a three-year project from May 2019 to June 2022 that seeks to increase livelihood and conservation benefits in Sebeya (& other) catchments from restoration and improved land management.

Food Waste Reduction and Management Project

Reducing food lost or wasted means more food for all, less greenhouse gas emissions, less environmental pressure, especially on water and land resources, increased productivity and economic growth, and more sustainable societies.

Farm to Market Alliance (FtMA)

World Food Programme (WFP) initiated the Farm to Market Alliance (FtMA) in 2016 to promote the sustainable pro-smallholder agricultural value chain of maize and beans, intending to increase smallholder’s income and foster commercial viability for private sector actors engaged in the Alliance.

Economic Inclusion of Refugees and Host Communities (ECOREF)

The Government of Rwanda (GoR) and UNHCR Rwanda aim to ensure by 2030 that all refugees and neighbouring communities living in Rwanda can fulfil their productive potential as self-reliant members of the Rwandan society and contribute to the economic development of their host districts.