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Best performing internees got jobs during an internship

By RWARRI at 1/13/2023
An internee hairdressing

During the three-month-internship period after completing a 4-month training course,
some internees from Amizero Institute of Technology and Hospitality-AMITH who
showed their best performance got jobs in the host companies.

Umuhoza Jeanne d’Arc was enrolled in Ubwiza Saloon in Rwamagana City as an
internee from AMITH from the 1 st of October to the 31 st of December 2022. As stated by
Masengesho Elyse, the owner of Ubwiza Saloon, Umuhoza Jeanne d’Arc demonstrated
enormous skills and discipline to be offered a monthly paid job. “Three weeks after
Umuhoza started her internship, there was no difference between her and my
permanent staff. In most cases, she could perform better than my staff. Thus, I decided
to offer her a job with a good salary”, explained Masengesho Elyse.

On the other side, Nyiramugisha Grace, the owner of Josephine Saloon, confirmed that
she gave a permanent and paid job to Byukusenge Esperance, an internee from
AMITH, based on her competencies. “I strongly appreciated Byukusenge’s level of skills
and behavior to the point of offering her a job. I could not bear to lose her after
internship completion”, she pointed out.

For Josam Gakwerere, a staff for AYATEKE Star Ltd, a private company operating in
water distribution in the Kirehe district, it was exciting to work with a skilful internee like
Muhire Jean Claude from AMITH. “Due to Muhire’s performance during his internship
period, I recommended him to the company boss, and the first job opportunity in the
company was offered to Muhire without any other test,” he revealed and added that one
month was enough to appreciate Muhire’s skills.

The Economic Inclusion of Refugees and Host Communities, a GIZ project, funds 248
TVET graduates for seven-month through Rwanda Rural Rehabilitation Initiative-
RWARRI-AMITH in a period starting from 6 th June to 31 st December 2022. The project
aim was to promote equal access to employment for refugees and members of the host
communities. The verified data show at least 11 internees who got permanent jobs
during the internship period.