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Mbarimombazi, a vulnerable to a valuable farmer

By RWARRI at 4/18/2022

Mbarimombazi Pierre is one of the livestock beneficiaries of the Sebeya project, which received a cow in the Rubavu district, Kanama sector.

Mbarimombazi was a simple farmer with limited resources due to having his degraded and insalubrious land. He could not get a cow to give him organic fertiliser to increase productivity or acquire milk for the family’s health improvement and money from selling the remaining milk after the family consumption. “I was the real kind of vulnerable man in the community”, he acknowledged.

Today, Mbarimombazi is happy to have a cow from the Sebeya project. “I feel I am very different from my previous status before I got the cow”, he noted.

Mbarimombazi can get quickly 2 litres of milk for the family consumption every day and three more litters to sell every day, which gives him a month of nearly 20,000Rwf.  Mbarimombazi gets from this organic fertiliser estimated at 15,000Rwf each month, and he uses it in his land of 15 Ares. “My Irish potatoes productivity has been boosted from 2MT to 3,5MT due to the used organic fertiliser, and I got almost 300,000Rwf of benefits from selling the produced Irish potatoes”, he pointed out. 

Mbarimombazi’s cow gave birth to a heifer calf given to his neighbour, as the rules in this matter specify, and the same cow is now in the gestation period. 

Mbarimombazi is currently very grateful to the Sebeya project that enabled him to move from vulnerability and increase his wellbeing life.