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Miners’ representatives from Sebeya catchment learnt new practices

By RWARRI at 1/5/2022
Miners representatives

Poor mining sector has contributed a lot to land degradation and erosion in Sebeya catchment. Today, efforts are put together to introduce green mining in the area through Embedding Integrated Water Resources Management in Rwanda projectEWMR.   

In this context, miners’ representatives accompanied with sector leaders in charge of mining from Rubavu, Nyabihu, Rutsiro and Ngororero districts visited New Bugarama Mining located in Burera district to learn best practices that comply with environmental guidelines in the industry. 

Harerimana Jean Claude from Ngororero district acknowledged to practice unprofessional mining that caused environmental problems such as water pollution, deforestation, poor soil fertility and limited access to land for agriculture productivity, air pollution, wildlife and habitat harm, and permanently scar natural landscapes.