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Nasho farmer group hired nine guards to protect AREECA-planted trees

By RWARRI at 5/9/2024
Nasho Security Guards

The Nasho farmer group led by Leonidas Sagahutu planted trees on 391ha in Nyamurindira, Rwamuhigi, Kabusunzu, and Kamagaju of the Nasho sector in the Kirehe district. Fearing that cattle could damage planted trees since these sites were used before as pasturelands, Sagahutu revealed that they hired nine guards who are paid 20,000Rwf each month to counter cattle grazing. “At the beginning of October 2023, we experienced a crucial disaster when cattle were taken to the sites where trees were planted, damaging trees enormously. We immediately decided to hire permanent staff that should be accountable in case cattle were damaging trees again,” he added. Since then, trees and grass have been planted, and today, the sites are entirely green, and the biodiversity is being restored considerably.

Habincuti Theodore, one of the guards, highlighted their outstanding achievement in protecting planted trees against cattle that would damage them. “Today, we no longer count cattle among factors that can damage any tree,” he stated.

Niyibizi Jean-Paul, another hired guard, acknowledged having played a massive role in increasing the survival rate of planted trees. “Our work consists of countering cattle or individuals that can enter the sites and damage trees in a way or another intentionally or by accident,” he mentioned and revealed that these guards have informants in the community that have eyes on the trees and alert them in case of suspicion of any danger that can damage the planted trees.

The Nasho farmer group initially hired nine forest guards for a period that should end in June 2024. As the group started preparing for the 2024 tree planting season, these guards will continue their jobs until the group hands over planted sites to the Kirehe district at the end of the AREECA project.