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Uwishimwe earned more than 750,000Rwf from a community approach

By RWARRI at 4/26/2024
Uwishimwe in the field

Uwishimwe Fidelite, a resident of Kirehe district, Kigarama Sector, Cyanya Cell, Kigembe Village, benefited 753,480Rwf from Community approach activities under the AREECA Project during 2023. Indeed, the AREECA project implementation adopted a community approach that excluded service providers from the performance and engaged the community members' participation in the project intervention execution. Thus, Uwishimwe got a paid job in the nursery establishment, seedling production, and planting. “I successfully produced and planted 8,835 seedlings, and during the whole process, including gapping and weeding, I expect to earn more than a million Rwandan francs”, she stated.

Uwishimwe got money against her work from the Community approach scheme and improved her family’s well-being. “It has been very easy for me to pay health insurance for my family members, feed them, and pay education for my kids”, she revealed.

The total budget for the community approach is estimated at 220,627,320Rwf in Kirehe District and 133,481,940Rwf in Nyagatare District.